Gorgeous expeditions through Brabant’s countrysides

For walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers and horse riders there are plenty of opportunities to make a beautiful tour in nature through the Kampina, Het Groene Woud or the Oisterwijk forests and fens. Using the hiking, equestrian and cycling nodes, you can easily map out your own route that can even start at ‘Onder de Wolfskap’ bed and breakfast.
You can also opt for an existing walk such as the stages of the Pilgrimspad (LAW 7.II) that starts about 150m from our farmhouse.
The La Trappe cycling routes take you from the Abbey of the Trappists past beautiful villages and the Van Gogh cycling route has three rounds close by ‘Onder de Wolfskap’. We are located on the bicycle junctions tracks of the Netherlands. Of course you can also first take the car or bicycle to one of the beautiful nature reserves in the vicinity, the National Park Loonse en Drunense Duinen.

Discovering Brabant’s towns & cities
Oisterwijk (3 km)
Tilburg (13,5 km)

Tilburg has many hidden gems, but also high-profile museums such as Museum De Pont and the Textielmuseum, a wandering area full of special shops in beautiful historic buildings and a street art cycling route along more than thirty large murals. And what about the hip Spoorzone, with the special LocHal that was not only declared ‘world building of the year’ in 2019, but was also awarded two other prestigious prizes.

Den Bosch (13 km)

The capital of Brabant is a beautiful fortified city with a bustling center where there is always something to do and where you can enjoy shopping. In Den Bosch you can enjoy a varied cultural-historical offer, interspersed with modern and contemporary sights. Take a city walk along special heritage locations, a cruise on the Dieze river, or visit the museums: North Brabant Museum, Design Museum, the Jeroen Bosch Art Center, or a special heritage location.

Oirschot (14km)

If you walk straight through the Kampina nature reserve from ‘Onder de Wolfskap’, you will find the picturesque village of Oirschot with its historic village center on the other side, in the middle of the Kempen. For centuries, wealthy lords, clergy, architects, farmers, citizens and artists have left their mark here. With its more than 350 national and municipal monuments, Oirschot is well worth a visit.


Swimming is possible all year round in the Oisterwijk indoor pool Den Donk; in the summer months, both the Staalbergven outdoor pool in Oisterwijk and the IJzeren man beach pool in Vught (8 km) can be an attractive alternative.
You can play golf on various Brabant golf courses that are located in the triangle of Den Bosch, Tilburg and Eindhoven.

Tasting en Toasting in Burgundian Brabant

Of course you want to have a nice and cozy lunch, drink or dinner as a guest in Brabant! Wherever you are, you will always find a terrace or eatery nearby. Pannenkoekenhuis Belveren is already 100m away from Onder de Wolfskap’ and if you head towards Oisterwijk, you will pass ‘Op Dreef’ at 1.3 km.
The small town of Oisterwijk is perhaps the largest terrace in the Netherlands! You can hardly choose between the varied range of dining options: in the woods, by a fen or in the center on De Lind, from easy and casual to super luxurious. You will find it all there.
In the old Royal United Leather Factory, in the shop of Meester Boulanger and Master Patissier Robèrt van Beckhoven, known from the TV series ‘Heel Holland Bakt’, you will also find the most delicious pastries!